• Client:

    Pratt Beta Space

  • Guide:

    Prof. Basem Aly

  • Team

    Mayank Gupta, Hao Ni

  • Tools:

    Adobe XD

  • Project timeline:

    8 weeks


Skill Sharing App UI Design

The aim for this project was to provide the students with a platform to archive the number of hours they have spent while learning a particular skill. It also aimed at providing peer to peer learning so that they can learn skills even outside the classroom. The goal was to make the product UI for a minimum viable product (MVP), so that the initial user testing can begin.

Final Designs
The Challenge

Creating the MVP

Our goal was to address a diverse audience and yet keep the user experience as seamless as possible for everyone.

Our high level goals were:

  1. Giving users the capability to record hours for skills learned outside the classroom setting.
  2. Authenticate user progress along the way.
  3. Flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime.

My role

User Interface Designer

I created the low and high fidelity designs for all the screens. I also actively participated in brain stroming and researching various features for the MVP.

In addition to this I worked alongside a product dveloper and product manager.

I stopped working on the porject during the final visual design process as the app developement started.


Research + Design + Iterate

The Process
User flow

Prioritize Screens for MVP

The first step of the process was to determine the user flow and then the unique pages required for the MVP. We started by defining the primary user goals. Next, we mapped various user flow interations while keeping a student persona in mind. This helped us define the screen priority for the application.

Our little brainstroming sessions helped us perfect our user flow so that the designing phase can begin.

Notes from brainstroming sessions
Mind Mapping

Initial Sketches

Before we could start the designing phase we needed some direction to move ahead. We individually sketched some basic wireframes and then discussed our ideas.

In order to streamline the process and move ahead faster we divided the screens and worked on them individually while following the same style guide, making sure we are on the same page.

Primary sketches to define a path

Trial and error

We tried different iterations for the password requirements on the registration page. Below are the three different iterations.

Trial and Error Screens

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Based on our sketches we built low fidelity wireframes to try and test our designs. The low fidelity wireframes gave us an idea of how our final designs would turn out. At this stage we could make some minor tweaks to further perfect the design.

Final Wireframes
Final Impact

High Fidelity Designs

The final high fidelity prototypes turned out to be as expected. There is still more to be designed and improved. The final prototype comprised of the login, registration, skill adding and hours adding experience.

The Final Avatar